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Our Story

Hey, I'm Josh.  I am the lead photographer at JLH Photography Yorkshire.  Photography has been my lifelong passion, and has captured my imagination since I first picked up a camera 15 years ago.  Over the years I have honed my craft, mastering the technical aspects while continuously expanding my artistic vision.

From a young age I have always had an eye for detail when it came to taking photos.  It didn't matter if I was taking photos on a mini digital camera or a phone, I always wanted to take the best photo possible and this is something that is as prevalent today as it was back then.  My passion for photography has always remained even when I had little time to pursue what was only a hobby but in 2021, as I rekindled my love for photography, little did I know that it would mark the beginning of this incredible journey.  Meet Travis, our rescue dog who is the reason JLH Photography Yorkshire was born...

My wife Beth and I rescued Travis from a local dog rescue in April 2021. Travis was a senior dog and was struggling to find a new home due to his age. We fell in love with his fluffy face and amazing temperament and took him home the same day we met him. 

You can't have a cute dog like Travis and not take a million photos of him, so naturally I dusted off my camera and began taking photos him on every walk. 

I then started offering to take photos of family and friends pets for free to start to build some content before finally taking the plunge and creating a Facebook page to advertise my work. After a few free photoshoots I begun taking paid bookings and JLH Photography Yorkshire has been growing ever since!

Without the support of clients in the early days trusting me with their events, JLH Photography would not be where it is today so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Beautiful Family Portrait of Mother, Father and their Husky Dog in a beautiful spring setting with pink cherry blossom

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