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Your Perfect Match: 7 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Dream Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Yorkshire Wedding Photography - Infinity in Moments -

Your wedding day is a tapestry of unforgettable moments and finding the right photographer to capture its beauty is paramount. At JLH Photography Yorkshire, we believe that the magic lies in the perfect partnership between you and your photographer. Let us guide you through these essential tips to ensure you choose a wedding photographer who understands your vision, cherishes your love story, and captures every special detail, making your big day truly extraordinary.

Bride and Groom with a Smoke Bomb

Tip Number 1 : Define Your Style

Start your search by determining the photography style that resonates with your heart. Are you drawn to classic, timeless images, or do you prefer a candid and photojournalistic approach that captures natural emotions? If you're not sure what these terms actually mean, head to our Blog Post Decoding Wedding Photography Styles and Their Meanings to delve deeper into the different styles of Wedding Photography.

We're a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer and our blended photography style at JLH Photography Yorkshire allows us to adapt to your preferences, ensuring your unique love story is beautifully portrayed. We specialise in a perfect fusion of candid documentary and refined fine art styles, bringing out the beauty in simplicity. From candid, authentic moments to elegantly styled shots, we create timeless images that will be cherished for a lifetime. Let us capture your love story in its purest form, turning fleeting moments into cherished memories.

Documentary Style Photo - Bride and Groom spending some quality time together after tying the knot
Documentary Style Photo - Our couple spending some quality time together after tying the knot


Tip Number 2 - Review Their Portfolio

Nothing speaks louder than the photographer's portfolio. Explore their website, social media, and blog to see their recent work. Don't be afraid to ask to see full galleries, you want to see a real selection of their photos from getting ready shots to first dance images - different lighting and scenarios can hugely impact how great a photo turns out!

At JLH Photography Yorkshire, we proudly showcase our Real Life Weddings, reflecting the diversity and authenticity of weddings we've captured. Our portfolio will give you a glimpse of our artful storytelling and passion for genuine emotions. We also have a Gallery Page which showcases our work for each aspect of a 'typical' Wedding Day such as Getting Ready, Saying I Do and Group Shots.

A screenshot of JLH Photography Yorkshires Gallery Page
JLH Photography Yorkshires Gallery Page


Tip Number 3 - Connection Matters

Your photographer will be an intimate part of your day, capturing the essence of your love story. Finding a photographer who genuinely connects with you is essential. You need someone who can communicate well to co-ordinate with you, your suppliers and your guests as well as someone with empathy and professionalism.

At JLH Photography Yorkshire, we prioritise building relationships with our couples to ensure you feel at ease, allowing us to capture the most authentic moments of your wedding. We offer initial consultation meetings so you can meet the team and ask any questions you might have. We keep connected with you throughout the planning process and co-ordinate with your other suppliers where possible to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Bride enjoying a Cocktail after a smooth Wedding Day
Bride enjoying a Cocktail after a smooth Wedding Day!


Tip Number 4 Testimonials Speak Volumes

Read what other couples have to say about their experience with a potential photographer.

Our glowing testimonials reflect the exceptional service we provide at JLH Photography Yorkshire. Our clients appreciate our professionalism, creativity, and ability to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

A fantastic review from one of our Clients
A fantastic review from one of our Clients


Tip Number 5 - Flexibility and Adaptability

Wedding days can be unpredictable, and your photographer should be ready to embrace any challenges that come their way.

Our team at JLH Photography Yorkshire is known for our adaptability, quick thinking, and knack for turning unexpected moments into cherished memories. Rain is a big worry for a lot of couples but fear not, we have the skills and ability to capture photos in various locations and lighting. We'll ALWAYS find a way to overcome an obstacle, even if it means umbrella shots!

Simon and Tim braving the rain!
Simon and Tim braving the rain!


Tip Number 6 - Packages and Add-Ons

Consider the wedding photography packages and any additional services offered.

At JLH Photography Yorkshire we offer three customisable packages that cater to your specific needs, ensuring you get precisely what you desire without unnecessary extras. We also offer a range of optional add-ons to ensure every aspect is covered.

View our packages here.


Tip Number 7 - Trust Your Instincts

Above all, trust your instincts when making this important decision. If our approach, style, and dedication to storytelling align with your vision, then we're thrilled to be part of your wedding journey.

Wedding Cake Topper showing the Bride and Groom in Fondant Icing
Wedding Cake Topper showing the Bride and Groom in Fondant Icing

Your wedding day deserves the perfect photographer who will preserve its magic for a lifetime. At JLH Photography Yorkshire, we are committed to being your ideal match, capturing the essence of your love story with passion and creativity. Let us join you on this unforgettable adventure, weaving each precious moment into a tapestry of cherished memories. Choose JLH Photography Yorkshire and embark on a photography experience that surpasses all expectations.

To view our packages and enquire, please head to our Investment page.



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