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Adding Unforgettable Moments to Your Wedding: 10 Unique Ideas from a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jan 30

As a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, we've had the incredible opportunity to be part of lots of amazing Weddings. Along the way, we've encountered countless heartwarming and unique ideas that have left a lasting impression on us. In this blog post, we're genuinely excited to open up our treasure trove of favourite moments and ideas, hoping to spark inspiration and offer a helping hand to couples planning their own special day.

Ice Cream Van: Summer Weddings are the perfect time for an ice cold treat, and what better than an ice-cream from a proper Yorkshire ice-cream van! Imagine the joy on your guests' faces as the master of ceremonies announces an ice-cream van has arrived and guests can enjoy a sweet treat, courtesy of the newly weds! A fantastic alternative to traditional wedding favours.

This is what Lindon and Kelly decided to do at their Wedding back in August 2023, surprising guests when the usual Ice-Cream van chime was replaced with a brilliant rendition of Here Comes the Bride! We love this idea and think it would be a great addition to any Summer Wedding!

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Bride and Groom inside an ice cream van serving ice creams to their guests. Photograph taken by Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, JLH Photography Yorkshire
Lindon and Kelly making Ice Creams for their Wedding Guests

Drag Show: For couples seeking a wedding filled with flair and diversity, a drag show is a show-stopping idea. The vibrant performances, colourful costumes, and lively energy can transform your wedding reception into an unforgettable, extravaganza, celebrating love in all its forms.

In a dazzling twist, Simon and Tim lit up their Wedding back in July 2023, by inviting a sensational comedy show that left their guests utterly spellbound. Laughter and applause echoed through the room as Diva Chanel dazzled everyone with their show-stopping act!

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Comedy Drag Artist Diva Chanel putting on a show. Photograph taken by Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, JLH Photography Yorkshire
Diva Chanel putting on a Show Stopping Performance

Vintage London Bus: Incorporating a classic, vintage red bus into your wedding transportation not only adds a touch of vintage charm but also ensures that your guests travel in style. The iconic red bus offers a unique backdrop for photos, embodying the quintessential British wedding experience.

Newly Weds Ettore and Elena did just that during their gorgeous Summer Wedding back in August 2023. Guests flew from all over the world to attend this beautiful vintage style Wedding and hopped on the classic London bus to head to the Wedding ceremony in style!

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Magician: To add an element of wonder and enchantment to your wedding, hiring a magician can be a fantastic idea. Their sleight of hand and mind-boggling tricks provide entertainment that leaves guests amazed and mystified.

James and Kimberley decided to sprinkle some enchantment into their post-wedding drinks reception by bringing in a magician, and the results were nothing short of magical! Their guests were left absolutely captivated as they were treated to an enthralling display of astonishing tricks that added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities. It was a show that truly dazzled and left everyone spellbound!

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Magician doing tricks with funny reaction from Wedding Guests. Photo taken by Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, JLH Photography Yorkshire
Chris entertaining Wedding Guests

Streamers: Add a burst of energy and vibrant colour to your Wedding Ceremony, by asking your guests to pull streamer cannons as you make your grand exit down the aisle. The result? Not only brilliant memories but also fantastic photographs as the streamers flutter through the air, creating a mesmerising backdrop for the newlyweds.

Ross and Holly experienced exactly that during their September 2023 Wedding! After saying their "I Do's", they walked back up the aisle hand in hand, before guests fired streamer cannons as they exited the venue. It was a stunning way to elevate their exit photos, adding a playful and unforgettable touch to their special day!

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Bride and Groom walking through streamers that had been fired. Photo taken by Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, JLH Photography Yorkshire.
A Love Explosion!

Wedding Newspaper: Another memorable idea we've come across is the creation of a personalised wedding newspaper. It's a brilliant way to keep your guests engaged and informed about the day's events. Filled with charming stories, fun facts about the couple, and even puzzles related to their journey, it adds a delightful touch of nostalgia to the celebration.

Joe and Kathryn treated their Wedding guests to their very own custom Wedding Day Post newspaper back in July 2023. Showcasing their gorgeous Engagement at Walt Disney World, the intricate Wedding details and a fun crossword puzzle, it was the perfect addition to their Wedding stationary and offering a beautiful keepsake that captured the essence of their special day.

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Bride and Groom posing with their Wedding Day post newspaper. Photo taken by Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, JLH Photography Yorkshire
Joe and Kathryn reading the Wedding Day Post Newspaper

Sparkler Exit: A sparkler exit is a grand and visually stunning way to conclude your wedding day. As you and your partner walk through an aisle of sparkling light, it creates a breathtaking and cinematic moment that will be etched in your memories forever.

Simon and Tim ended their Wedding celebrations with a magical Sparkler Exit in July 2023, which lit up the skies! As their guests gathered outside the venue and lit their sparklers, the couple walked through the line of honour, with huge smiles - a core memory to cherish.

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Groom and Groom walking through a group of people with Sparklers.
Simon and Tim's Sparkler Exit

DIY Photo Booth: A photo booth is a timeless addition to any wedding. It not only captures candid moments but also provides guests with tangible memories. Whether it's silly props or heartfelt messages, the photo booth becomes a hub of creativity and laughter.

Lindon and Kelly brought all the fun to their Wedding in August 2023 with their amazing DIY Photo Booth set up. Guests could choose from a huge amount of inflatables, wigs, novelty glasses and more and as the evening unfolded, the dance floor was filled with Wedding guests donning all the hilarious props!

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Wedding guests on the dance floor with inflatable guitars and microphones
Guests enjoying the Photo Booth Props

Bubbles Instead of Confetti: Bubbles are a charming and eco-conscious choice for celebrating your newlywed status. They create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere, with guests blowing bubbles that reflect the joy and happiness of your special day. This is a perfect if your venue doesn't allow confetti.

Love was in the air and so were the bubbles at Ross and Holly's Wedding back in September 2023. Some guests were even armed with bubble guns, adding to the fun and magic of the moment!

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Singing Waiters: At weddings these days, it's all about creating those one-of-a-kind moments that folks will talk about for years. One standout addition that's been turning heads is the inclusion of Singing Waiters. Just picture this: You're enjoying your meal at a wedding reception when out of the blue, the waitstaff burst into song and dance, serenading the room with classic tunes. It's the kind of unexpected surprise that not only gets toes tapping but also adds a dash of extra excitement to the celebration. Singing Waiters are all about turning a special day into an unforgettable one, making everyone feel the love and laughter in the air.

The Singing Waiters really got the party started at Simon and Tim's Wedding back in July 2023. An amazing unexpected surprise for their Wedding guests

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Groom and Groom swinging their napkins in the air during the singing waiter performance and their wedding. Photo taken by Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, JLH Photography Yorkshire
Simon and Tim enjoying the Singing Waiters!

JLH Photography Yorkshire recommends before going ahead with any of these ideas, make sure to get written permission from your wedding venue and have a chat with both the venue and the supplier to discuss your plans. It's a good practice to avoid any surprises down the road!

If you're on the hunt for a dedicated, experienced, and creative Yorkshire Wedding Photographer to capture your special day, look no further - we might be the one you've been searching for!

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