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Burntwood Court Hotel, Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 10

Bride and Groom take a relaxing walk after the wedding ceremony.

As a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, every love story I have the honour of documenting is unique and holds a special place in my heart. In September 2022, I had the pleasure of capturing the magical union of David and Faye at the contemporary Burntwood Court Hotel in Barnsley. Their Wedding day was filled with joy, romance and unforgettable moments which will be treasured for a lifetime.

Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, Burntwood Hotel provided a captivating backdrop for David and Faye's love-filled celebration. The venue exuded pure Yorkshire charm, with its lush gardens, towering trees, and modern architecture. The serene atmosphere instantly set the stage for a day brimming with love and happiness.

Burntwood Court Hotel Wedding Chapel
Burntwood Court Hotel Wedding Chapel

As a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, my role is to capture the essence of the couple's special day, preserving the intricate details that make their love story unique. David and Faye's wedding was a testament to their love and shared passions. From the meticulously designed floral arrangements to the handcrafted decor, every aspect of their day reflected their personalities and deep connection.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a wedding photographer is capturing candid moments that reflect the raw emotions experienced throughout the day. David and Faye's love radiated from their eyes as they exchanged vows, their smiles illuminating the room with pure joy. It was a privilege to freeze these heartfelt moments in time, ensuring that their love story will be forever remembered.

David and Faye saying "I Do"
David and Faye saying "I Do"

The magical moments after the vows have been spoken the marriage is official provids the perfect opportunity for David and Faye to steal a few moments alone. Against the backdrop of the stunning Burntwood Hotel, I captured their intimate portraits, bathed in the ethereal light that encapsulated the essence of their love.

David and Faye Couple Portrait
David and Faye Couple Portrait

The reception was a celebration of the couple's love and the bonds they share with their family and friends. Laughter filled the air, tears of joy were shed, and heartfelt speeches echoed through the night. The dance floor came alive as guests swayed to the rhythm of the music, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere. It was a privilege to capture the genuine connection and unbridled happiness that filled the room.

First Dance as Husband and Wife
First Dance as Husband and Wife

David and Faye's wedding at Burntwood Hotel in September 2022 was a testament to the power of love and the beauty of a shared journey. As a wedding photographer, I am humbled to have been a part of their special day, immortalising their love in timeless photographs. Their celebration at the Burntwood Hotel will forever hold a special place in my heart, reminding me of the magic that unfolds when two souls unite in eternal love.


A few kind words...

"Would highly recommend Josh, he photographed our wedding in September we’ve had the pictures back wow there absolutely amazing. I felt totally relaxed with Josh nothing was too much trouble for him. Thank you for sharing our day with us."

With over 400 photos captured from the day, it's impossible to showcase all of them but below are some of our favourites.

JLH Photography, Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Guests dancing at the wedding reception.

Happily ever after neon style wedding sign.

Bride and Groom listening to daughters speech.

Best man speech at the wedding.

Bride and Groom holding hands showing their wedding rings.

Bride and groom kiss as they take a stroll after their wedding ceremony.

Bride and daughter show the camera their aprons so that they don't spoil their dresses with the wedding breakfast.

Bride and groom pose for a photo in a bandstand.

Bride and groom share a joke on a walk after their wedding ceremony.

Black and white photo of bride and groom walking and talking.

Bride and groom share a moment as the her wedding dress blows in the wind.

Bride, Groom and a shower of confetti.

Large group shot taken in the wedding chapel at Burntwood Court Hotel.

Bride and groom share a kiss in front of a white VW camper van that was used as their wedding car!

Bride and groom at the alter about to exit the wedding chapel at Burntwood Court Hotel as a married couple.

Bride and groom smiling at the alter.

Bride places ring on husbands finger.

Flower girls ready for the wedding.

Groom awaiting the arrival of his bride.

Groomsmen making sure that the groom is ready for his wedding.

Groomsmen making sure that the groom is ready for his wedding.

Groomsen dragging groom out of the wedding car.

Groomsmen line up outside the wedding VW van with the groom inside.

Young lad tries to drive the VW.

Groomsmen and groom lined up waiting to enter the wedding chapel.

White VW camper van at a wedding.

Wooden love lights at the wedding venue.

Groom buys a round!

Wedding guest ready for the ceremony.

Wedding reception setup at Burntwood Court.

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